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Our story

Holygon is a Swedish 3D modelling company based in Scania, close to Malmö and Copenhagen. In 2013, Felix Heuman presented his childhood friend Anders Lyhagen with a drawing, challenging him to reproduce it in 3D. They soon discovered that they could combine their individual aesthetic and technical skills to shape high quality designs. They decided to enter a joint venture, selling services based on advanced 3D modelling. Together, they founded Holygon.

Today, Holygon produces world-class printable 3D cities. Holygon also holds appreciated lectures and courses on the craft of 3D.

what sets us apart

⌘ + C:\> = Holygon

The ⌘ stands for sight-of-interest. It symbolises our knowledge of art, culture and history. An ancient symbol and used in Scandinavia on runestones, it is now a recognised international sign identifying places worth discovering.

The C:\> stands for the computer prompt. It symbolises our command of current digital tools.

Holygon brings these two together.

what we believe

What is the point of a model that may be technically correct, but fails to arouse the emotions? At Holygon, we are cutting-edge only in a technical sense. We strongly believe that technology is only one part of a good model. It must also speak to the heart.

That is what makes a good model great. And that makes it worth discovering – again and again.


Holygon STAFF

Lead Designer & Founder

Felix Heuman, born 1977, studied architecture at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, philosophy at the University of Copenhagen and got a Master of Business Degree from Stockholm School of Economics. Concentrating on design and classical architecture, he has worked professionally with visual art and 3D modelling since 2013.

Lead Programmer & Founder

Anders Lyhagen, born 1977, graduated in computer science from Lund University where he also studied philosophy and mathematics. Specializing in developing custom tools for 3D modelling and efficient algorithmic solutions, he has worked professionally with programming since 2010 and with 3D modelling since 2013.

Lead 3D Modeller

You, born whenever, studied whatever. You are a talented and dedicated 3D modeller with excellent skills in Sketchup and preferably also in other modelling programs. You have a keen eye for details and you want to work hard with hands-on 3D modelling together with a small team dedicated to 3D distinction. Sounds interesting? Contact us.

Website Colophon

This website, launched in 2017, was built and is maintained by Felix Heuman on a WordPress framework using the OceanWP theme, the Elementor Pro pagebuilder and Elementor Extras. Its web server is hosted by FS Data in Helsingborg, Sweden.

The main typeface used is Josefin Sans.

The website works for any screen size, but is optimally viewed in horizontal screen orientation. Just like cinema.

Most images used are 16:9 proportion 2160 × 3840 pixel resolution jpg files. If clearly attributed to Holygon, our images are free to non-commercially copy and distribute.

Should you find a fault with this website, do let us know.

All data to and from this website is sent through a secure https TLS connection.

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