Artichoke Finial Gold
Classical artichoke finial. Modelled in Sketchup with custom extensions, gilded and rendered in Keyshot
Sketches of Architecture
Some drawings of architecture, details and follies: "Nulla dies sine linea"
The Toscatorta
A chubby garden temple standing up to Claude Perrault's 1683 Tuscan order. Our first 3D model, crafted in 2013
Spiral Stairs
Tabletop-style spiral stairwell with french guilloche panelling. Modelled in Sketchup, rendered in Keyshot
Ionic Temple Sketches
Selected concept drawings preparing for the Ioniphant
Ionic Capital
Capital based on Pytheos' 4th century B.C. order at Athena Polias, Priene. Modelled in Sketchup. View revealing surface mesh
The Ioniphant
Ionic Temple design. The order is based on Pytheos' order at Athena Polias, Priene. Front ortho view
What Makes Holygon
Sight of Interest + Computer Command = Holygon
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Palazzo Corner Drawing
Notebook sketch of the central bay of Jacopo Sansovino's 16th century Venetian palazzo, reimagined as a solitary tower
Fort Doris
This martial-style Doric folly employs Giacomo Barozzi da Vignola's 1562 mutular and denticular orders. Parallel view
Fort Doris X-ray
Translucent front view revealing the inner courtyard. Its delicate dentils contrast with the blocky mutules of the façade
Skarhult Castle Watercolour
Map of the Skarhult renaissance castle estate in Scania. Traditional watercolour on paper
Tholos Night-and-Day Cupola
Orthogonal front view of the cupola of Tholos Night-and-Day, here seen in isolation
Minitholos Night-and-Day
Rusticated and domed Tuscan gazebo. Truncated version of a taller edifice
Fairytale Landscape
Watercolour drawing of an ideal landscape. Radial size 13 centimeters
Moodboard One
A quick moodboard sets the tone for new projects. Yes, we do 2D too
Attefallshus Mari
A small Swedish summer pavillion for lazy Sunday afternoons
Diodrama III
An exercise in traditional city planning, this 3D-printable showpiece is also a testing ground for freeform landscaping by Holygon's Landshape software. Image exported from Sketchup
Laughing in the face of adversity (most of the time)
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Holygon Designs

The image gallery above shows original designs and concepts by Holygon. Some are 3D, some are 2D. All 3D designs are printable.

Not included in this gallery are Holygon’s city models. Being empirically accurate, their fundamental geometrical design is not ours, but a reflection of the real world.


classical architecture

Several designs in the gallery above depict classical architecture. In these designs, we employ meticulously reconstructed individual forms from canonical patterns found in Vitruvius, Palladio, Vignola, Perrault and other authors. These basic forms are individual objects like columns, pedestals, balusters and entablature profiles. We then combine these parts into original compositions of our own. The character of our compositions range from the playful to the majestic.

The ideal of classic art is the clear and precise expression of the profound. The art of designing classical architecture is alive and well, once you know where to look. Timelessness never goes out of style.

Do you want a classical building? Or do you need help designing a classical building?