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City 3d Modelling

Accurate. Beautiful. Fast.

Holygon has developed a unique toolbox for efficient city modelling with world-class accuracy and attention to detail. Our city models can be delivered digitally – but what really makes them shine is colour 3D print. Learn more about our city models here.

Render of the Landskrona city model from south west. This city model covers two square kilometres and contains about 35 000 separate geometry groups. It was printed in scale 1:1000 as 40 separate pieces in full colour stucco. It is now Sweden’s largest public full-colour printed city model.


Bespoke 3D Modelling

If you can dream it, we can shape it

Holygon offers bespoke state-of-the-art digital 3D models ready for 3D print. We specialize in architecture – from buildings to ornament detailing – but we may also accept custom requests for other shapes. See more original designs here.

Watching it grow: in the hands of an experienced 3D modeller, some quick paper sketches are carefully formed into watertight volumes, fully defined in the round, and then joined. The client now has a reliable object ready for 3D printing, visualisation or other use.


3D Visualisation

A clear and lasting impression

Your ideas deserve recognition. Using mixed techniques like 3D rendering, linework, or traditional watercolour, we let your concepts grow into powerful images that convince.

What to expect: Using our client’s input, we assist the creative process and turn good ideas into great images. In this example, we are using V-Ray rendering to breathe life into a Sketchup model of a city hall building.


3D Programming

Tools that save years

If you feel like there ought to be an easier way, there usually is. And we will build it for you. We have programmed hundreds of custom 3D plugins – from geometry batch processing to advanced form-making tools.

Stopping digital misbehaviour: When 3D applications refuse to go your way, we are here to help. Using programming languages like Ruby, Python or C++, we provide our clients with custom tool or asset management solutions. 


3D Modelling Courses

A friendly guide to the craft

The world of 3D modelling is daunting. We are here to guide you into it, help you find your own way forward, or improve your existing workflow. 3D modeling can be quite a rewarding craft. We regularly teach hands-on Sketchup for advanced users or beginners, from single-day workshops to week-long courses.

Participants at Nordic 3D Seminar 2016, hosted by Holygon at Sireköpinge, Sweden.
From left to right: Felix Heuman, (Holygon); Daniel Persson (Teacher at the Faculty of Engineering at Lund University); Jackson Lundberg-Barkess (Architect at Sydark); Johannes Lindqvist (Visualiser at Creative Army); Christina Eneroth (Architecture student at Lund University); Thomas Thomassen (3D Programmer at Trimble); Thomas Hauchecorne (3D artist and founder of Skatter); Anders Lyhagen (Holygon).

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