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Custom Sketchup Extension Development

β€” We Invent Tomorrow’s Sketchup Tools β€”

😠 – Did Sketchup ever leave you frustrated?

🀨 – Have you often felt that there should be some better way to manage your 3D production process?

πŸ€” – Do you want your team to raise output quality while slashing lead times?

πŸ˜ƒ A growing number of companies around the world are discovering the competitive advantage of a custom Sketchup extension made by Holygon.

A common use case is automating and streamlining in-house production workflows. Often in designing assemblies for construction.

Holygon’s most successful clients are commissioners of custom Sketchup extensions. Some call them Sketchup plugins or Sketchup add-ons. They all do the same thing – they solve a digital workflow challenge.

Perhaps you have discovered Sketchup already. You know what you want. You can get there manually. But it seems you are going through the motions, awkwardly and error-prone. You are facing a needless production bottleneck.

Instead, you wish to:

βœ… Streamline your production workflow

βœ… Improve your output speed, quality and reliability

βœ… Focus on expressing your design intent and let the software do the rest

In short, you want a secret weapon.Β 

Holygon has a decade of experience developing custom Sketchup extensions like this – from one-button script launchers to complex professional toolsuites.

Whether you need to give Sketchup a friendly nudge in the right direction, or whip it into submission – we have done it before, and we can do it for you. We are here to help you.

Common use cases include:

Β· Automating manual steps in the production
Β· Streamlining workflows
Β· Optimising asset configurations and layouts
Β· Creating, editing and reviewing product assemblies
Β· Designing specific recurring shapes
Β· Finding specific assets
Β· Placing components
Β· Automating export to Layout drawings
Β· Smart asset production in 3D and 2D
Β· Documentation and markup tools
Β· Exporting custom bill of materials
Β· Bridging workflow gaps
Β· Integrating production line stations
Β· Extracting data from text, XML, 2D or 3D files, etc.
Β· Normalizing noisy data to ideal output
Β· Performing quality control
Β· Detecting and and correcting errors
Β· Optimising parts to given construction schemes
Β· Algorithmic throughput optimisation
Β· Asset library management
Β· Point cloud processing
Β· File conversions
Β· Waste minimisation
Β· Reapplying external tools
Β· Powerups of existing tools
Β· Batch processing 2D or 3D geometry
Β· Analysing and reporting areas and volumes
Β· …the use cases are endless.

Contact us and let us know what you envision. We’ll give expert feedback on your idea, and can send you a fixed quote – free of cost.Β 

Together with you, we turn your vision into reality.

– Want a secret weapon?

This advanced Sketchup 3D model of scaffolding for a building in Texas, USA, contains over 130 000 components. The scaffolding structure was designed using Holygon’s custom Sketchup extension Snapify Scaffold. The Holygon Snapify toolsuite helps industry professionals assemble, edit, filter, review and communicate complex constructions like these with ease, speed and accuracy.

Snapify is one of several custom Sketchup extensions that Holygon is developing.

See high-resolution image here (12 MB).


Custom Sketchup 3D Modelling

β€” True to Form β€”

Holygon offers custom digital 3D modelling. Working attentively with your input, we make sure that every asset delivered fits your requirements. We use Sketchup as our main production platform.

When quality matters, you can’t go wrong with Holygon.

Your input can be anything from measured construction drawing PDF:s to a stained napkin sketch. We accept and deliver almost any file format.

Often, we 3D model and include Sketchup components as an integral part of our custom Sketchup extensions.

We specialize in giving shape to built objects and their natural or man-made environments – existing, planned, historical or imaginary.

Our diligent process meets the requirements of any scale – from vast cityscapes to tiny nut-and-bolt machine assemblies. And in between, we model city blocks, individual buildings, construction details, and similar. But we can and often do model any buildable shape.

Commissions span from quick urban massing drafts, to catalogs of millimetre-tolerance construction drawings, to artful, non-plus-ultra eyecatchers. All our models are 3D printable.

Leaving nothing to technical or aesthetic chance, we are proud of our models’ characteristic visual readability. Just by looking, you can tell:

It’s a Holygon.

– Want one?

When Holygon started 3D modelling this American craftsman’s house from the architect’s 2D drawings, it was just an idea. Holygon then 3D-printed and shipped a maquette to help sell it. Soon, a buyer turned up. The house now stands in Florida and is being lived in.


Bespoke 3D-Printed
Scale Models

β€” Designed to Fascinate β€”

Holygon produces bespoke 3D-printed scale models of cities, landscapes and individual buildings. We specialise in models that are large, complex, or both.

We help with every step in the process – design brief, data capture, 3D modeling, 3D-print process, final assembly and documentation.

Our bespoke models can be delivered digitally. But for public exhibitions or private showpieces, 3D-printing them in classic monochrome or full color really makes them speak.

Holygon has developed a unique inhouse toolbox for efficient 3D modelling, with world-class accuracy and attention to detail. Learn more about Holygon’s signature city models.

Each maquette is a lasting eyecatcher. To us, your house, factory site or city or is not merely an object. It has character. Every model is a living portrait, designed to fascinate.

– Are you interested in a custom scale model?

Photograph of a scale model of Scandinavia’s largest factory, the Volvo plant in Torslanda, Gothenburg. This is where Volvo and Polestar cars are being manufactured.

The model is 3D-printed in a durable offwhite material and measures about 1,2 metres wide Γ— 2 metres long. In scale 1:1000, it covers 2,4 square kilometres, or 593 acres, and boasts 13 000 trees.

Holygon designed, modeled, 3D printed and delivered this model to Volvo Cars in 2022. The model now stands within the factory that it represents.


Sketchup training
& V-Ray training

β€” A Friendly Guide to the Craft β€”

The world of 3D modelling can be daunting. But Holygon are here to guide you and help you find your own way forward. Our goal is to make you impress yourself.Β 

In contrast to many others out there, we do not merely teach. Every day, we are using Sketchup to solve hard and pressing problems from the real world. Today, our training is based on over 10 000 hours of hands-on Sketchup experience, per tutor. We are also experienced in and teach Layout and V-Ray for Sketchup.

We love to share our hard-won knowledge. We still remember what it was like starting out in 3D. Our goal is to help you to solve the particular challenges you are facing.

Training is about you, not us. All training is individual. We always adapt content to your personal level and needs. Are you a complete beginner? We will take you by the hand. Are you an intermediate user? We will guide you to higher ground. Are you a senior professional? Challenge us, and we will conquer the mountaintops together.

This may explain why our students keep coming back.

We train Sketchup. Layout and V-Ray to individuals and companies in groups to up around 10 people. Sessions span from intense single-day workshops to week-long creative courses.

For training, we share our in-house production setup. Templates, shortcuts, cheat sheets and exclusive Holygon plugins are included. You will receive a course certificate and months of free individual support.

The training takes place in your office, or in Holygon’s studio, or by remote screensharing – whatever is more convenient for you. All our training is face-to-face.

With Holygon, you will never walk alone.

– Time to level up?

Participants at the three-day private seminar Sketchup 3D Topcamp, hosted by Holygon 2022 in Lund, Sweden.
Upper row from left to right: Felix Heuman (Founder, Holygon); Maksim Esterkin (Developer at Flextools); Darya Frandzel (Business Developer at Flextools); Merwan Achibet (Developer at LindalΓ«); Thomas Hauchecorne (Developer at LindalΓ«); Yoni Frandzel (Founder, Flextools); Thomas Thomassen (API Developer at Trimble); Guy Wydouw (Developer, Skalp); Anders Lyhagen (Founder, Holygon). Lower row from left to right: Kenny Geyskens (Developer at KG-Dev); Marco Contri (Engineer at TyrΓ©ns); Jeroen Theuns (Architect and Developer at Skalp); Christina Eneroth (API Developer at Trimble).


Custom 3D Visualisation

β€” Seeing is Believing β€”

Your ideas deserve recognition. We fulfil your visual communication needs with photoreal V-Ray renderings, suggestive linework drafts, or traditional physical watercolours. Sometimes, a mixture of techniques yields the most attractive results.

We let your concepts grow into believable images with the power to convince. Good images make a clear and lasting impression. Perhaps with a tinge of the unknown. Holygon puts fascination to work for you.Β 

For us, the viewers’ willling suspension of disbelief is more important than strict realism. We make images that viewers want to be true.Β 

– Want to see for yourself?

Coming alive: Using your input, we assist the creative process and turn good ideas into great images. In this example, showing a montage of a render and a Sketchup model, we are using V-Ray rendering to breathe life into a model.

If you prefer to learn the craft yourself, visualisation is something that we also teach.


Bespoke Design

β€” If You Can Dream It, We Can Shape It β€”

Holygon creates original designs. Past commissions include residential architecture, public exhibitions, furniture, and decorative showpieces.

Holygon’s rigorous yet playful visual language takes its cue both from vernacular contexts and timeless classical forms. Each design should respond to and organically complement the best parts of its natural and cultural environment.

Sample some of our works at the designs gallery page.

Design commissions make up a small, exclusive and very dear part of our business. Working closely with you, we make sure your vision comes alive. Each design is a labour of love.Β 

In essence, we shape fascination.

– Shall we form?

Perfectly controlled form. Holygon turns a quick paper sketch into a 3D model of a classical artichoke finial. The result is fully solid and ready for 3D-printing, CNC-routing or bronze casting.


What is Your Idea?

Let us know. We can make it real.

Holygon Brand Tetrapylon Color