Holygon Brand Tetrapylon Color 2023 (320 px)

Scandinavia's Leading Sketchup Studio

Holygon is a full-service 3D studio specialising in Sketchup excellence. Every day, Holygon is helping discerning clients in the USA, Europe, and worldwide grow their business through smarter 3D. Together, we:

💡  Develop custom Sketchup extensions
📐  Build accurate Sketchup 3D models
🏡  Produce 3D-printed scale models
👩🏻‍🎓  Provide Sketchup and V-Ray training
✏  Design original concepts
👁  Visualise new ideas

💡 Custom Sketchup Extensions

Holygon invents and develops custom Sketchup extensions that help companies worldwide grow their business. Holygon’s user-friendly and powerful tools can automate and streamline any specialised Sketchup workflow. – Ready for a secret weapon?

📐 Custom Sketchup 3D Models

Holygon designs and builds advanced Sketchup 3D models with attention to detail and appearance. We carefully represent architecture, cities, construction parts, any built or natural environment – past, present, or planned. – Calling for better models?

🏡 Bespoke 3D-Printed Scale Models

Holygon produces bespoke 3D-printed scale models of cities, buildings, and landscapes. 3D-printed in full colour or in custom finish, each maquette is a lasting showpiece designed to fascinate. – Want to discover a smaller world?

👩🏻‍🎓 Professional Sketchup Training

Holygon offers friendly face-to-face training in Sketchup, Layout and V-Ray, remotely or onsite. Learn individually or in small groups, at any level – from complete beginner to demanding professional. –Time to level up?

👁 Visualisation and Renderings

Making stills and animations, Holygon visualises buildings, environments and shapes, past or planned. Styles range from conceptual abstractions to detailed photoreal renderings. –Want to see for yourself?

✏️ Bespoke Design

Holygon creates bespoke designs – architecture, public works, and decorative showpieces. Inspired by timeless traditions, our visual language is classical yet playful, reaching for something beyond itself. –Shall we form?


With more than 100 clients worldwide and over 20 000 hours of Sketchup experience since 2013 – Holygon is Scandinavia’s leading Sketchup studio.

Holygon Brand Tetrapylon Color

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